"property management in the palm of your hand"

About iGEMS

Total Control

Manage your enquiries, quotes, bookings, invoices, accounts, petty cash, events and functions.

Channel Manager
Online Bookings

Connect to online travel agents and increase your occpuancy.

Fully Mobile
Always Online

Access your bookings from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Increase Revenue

Optimise availability, respond to statistcs and increase your revenue.


Be Mobile
  • Connect anywhere in the world.
  • Access from any computer, mobile phone and tablet.
  • View availability and all your reservations.
  • Add new reservations.
  • Prepare Invoices.
  • Send email from any device.
  • Access all your statistics and accounts.
Channel Manager
  • Connect to online booking accommodation websites.
  • Connect directly to Booking.com.
  • Synchronise with your Airbnb listings.
  • Connect Expedia.com, Hotels.com and Trivago.com.
  • Send availability to TripAdvisor and HomeAway
  • Send availability to your own Google calendar
  • Add the iGEMS Online booking page to your web site.
Automated Tasks
  • Let iGEMS do the mundane tasks for you.
  • Automatically issue email for expired Provisional bookings.
  • Automatically issue email for Deposit and Balance notification.
  • Automatically issue email for unknown Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Automatically issue email for guest Check Out.
Easy to Learn
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • No need for expensive training courses.
  • No experience of reservation software is required.
  • No experience of other software is required.
  • On line help is always at hand.
First Class Support
  • Instant telephone and email support is provided.
  • No software for you to install - it's all online.
  • Software upgrades are automatically applied.
  • No need to install anything if you change you computer.
  • No expensive third party software is needed to use iGEMS.
  • Requested enhancements are often added to iGEMS.
Credit Card Transactions
  • Credit Card transaction service.
  • We process guest transactions upon request and on-pay to you.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Competitive rates for each transaction.
  • Protection from charge-backs.
  • Guest can settle with SNAPSCAN
Apple & Windows
  • Works with Apple and Mac computers.
  • Use with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Use with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Use with Apple Safari and Opera browsers.
  • All tablet devices supported.
  • Android and Blackberry smartphones.
Accounting & Statstics
  • Track outstanding payments.
  • Reconcile petty cash.
  • Create Events accounts and invoices.
  • Manage Agent Statements.
  • Download statements for Pastel.
  • Graphical reporting on income, occupancy and other statistics.



Channel Manager



  • iGEMS is preferred as a PREMIER provider by Booking.com.
  • Booking.com properties who use iGEMS are likely to receive more bookings.
  • iGEMS automatically processes New, Modified and Cancelled bookings.
  • iGEMS updates availability, rates and restrictions to Booking.com.
  • iGEMS securely receives and stores credit card details, without the need for complicated retrieval procedures.
  • iGEMS has an advanced connection to Booking.com which allows it to respond to Guest Requests and Invalid Credit Cards directly from iGEMS.
  • iGEMS connects directly to Expedia and affiliated Online Travel Agents.
  • iGEMS connects to Mr & Mrs Smith boutique Online Travel Agent website.
  • iGEMS supplies availability calendars for AirBnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and other compatible Online Travel Agents.

iGEMS Mobile

  • Use iGEMS on your smartphone
  • Works on Apple, Android and Blackberry
  • Check on arrivals, departures and current guests
  • View full reservation details
  • Check availability
  • Add new bookings
  • Search for and find reservations
  • Close online rooms instantly
igems mobile
guestrevu partner


Our integration with GuestRevu’s guest intelligence solutions allows our clients to get even more value from iGEMS.

GuestRevu provides guest feedback and online reputation management technology tailored to the hospitality industry, which can be integrated with your iGEMS for full automation.

GuestRevu gives hoteliers and other hospitality trade professionals the opportunity to use guest feedback to boost online reviews and ratings, improve their offerings and inform operational decisions, as well as provides the tools with which to monitor, maintain and improve their online reputations.


Boutique @ 10
Camps Bay

"By using iGEMS we have been able to streamline our admin, allowing us more time to spend with our valued guests, which is exactly what a successful guesthouse is defined by; the personal touch by the owners."

Bay View Penthouses
Camps Bay

"It is exactly what the guesthouse industry needs."

"We are one of the first subscribers of iGems and we were involved in the finetuning of the product. iGems is a software made by guesthouse owners - and it shows: It is exactly what the guesthouse industry needs. I am convinced that iGems is the best software of it's kind in the market."

Bali Bay Apartments
Camps Bay

"It is an idiot proof system that is simple, clean and very user-friendly, and gives me great peace of mind."

"The most important part being that support is always available to give advice and solve any query no matter how trivial."

Fullham Lodge
Camps Bay

"The personal service is outstanding."

"I highly recommend iGems no matter how big or small your establishment."

"It is easy to use and extremely user friendly. Berry Software will even do modifications to suit your owns needs if necessary."



iGEMS is very cost effective and competitively priced.

NO setup fee  •  NO OTA connection fees  •  NO upgrade charges  •  NO hidden costs

iGEMS Reservations
Reservation Management

Each property of up to
5 rooms/units:
Rand 240.00 per month.

Each additional room/unit:
Rand 35.00 per month

iGEMS Mobile
Mobile Smartphone Access

Access all your reservations and availability from mobile devices, anytime from anywhere:

Rand 80.00 per month.

iGEMS Reviews
Guest Review Management

Let your guests review your property and show them on your website.

Rand 40.00 per month.

iGEMS Payroll
Staff Payroll Module

Record staff wages, produce payslips and manage UIF and annual leave.

Rand 150.00 per month.

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